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Environment and School Initiatives (ENSI) ENSI is an international network which has supported educational developments, environmental understanding, active approaches to teaching and learning, through research and the exchange of experiences internationally since 1986.

What is ENSI all about? Environment and School Initiatives is an international network of experts, working in Education for Sustainable Development. Do you want to know more? Click here... How we work ENSI is a learning organisation; you are invited to join ENSI’s work read more Projects See ENSI's projets read more

What's going on:

Aug 31, 2018: ENSI Mailing - Issue 84 Today is the launch of the new ENSI-publication. More than 40 experts from EE and ESD share their thoughts and experiences with you – in the mailing you will find the link for the free download of the book.
The ENSI secretariat in Switzerland comes to an end. This is the reason for ‘ENSI-special’ edition of ENSI-mailing. We invite you to share new ideas and visions for the ‘new ENSI 2018’ – more information about this you will find in today’s last ‘old’ mailing. ENSI_Mailing_84.pdf
Aug 26, 2018: Announcement: August 31st 2018 ENSI launches its final publication – you will find it here for free download! “Environment and School Initiatives” (ENSI) was an international
network, offering a platform for cooperation among practitioners,
researchers and policy makers in the fields of Environmental
Education and Education for Sustainable Development. Innovative
environmental projects, Action Research, Quality Criteria for ESD
schools, Teacher competencies for ESD and the Whole School
Approach are main features that ENSI promoted throughout its
lifespan. The current book gives an overview on ENSI’s history,
its impact on national contexts in three continents, its ways of
collaboration and the lessons learnt in thirty years of work. More than
forty internationally acknowledged experts share their experience
and provoke forward-looking thoughts about education, science,
sensitive problems and new concepts for networking.
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